Maarten Jansen
Maarten Jansen, July 2023


Book Maarten Jansen, 2022
My 2022 book

Departments of Mathematics and Computer Science
Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB)
Boulevard du Triomphe
Campus Plaine, CP213
B-1050 Brussels - Belgium

Phone: ++32 (0)2.650.58.90

Email: myfirstname dot mylastname at ulb dot be

Research Interests:

  • Variable selection under sparsity and structured sparsity
  • Minimum risk
  • Wavelets and wavelet thresholding
  • Second generation wavelets, lifting, adaptive decompositions
  • Empirical Bayesian methods
  • Adaptive multiscale triangulations, normal offsets
  • Links to and ideas from statistics, numerical analysis, computer graphics
  • Applications: signal- and image processing

ULB - Mathematical Statistics Group - dept. of math. - dept. of comp. science

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